Building the body of Christ

The Episcopal Church of South Sudan in Kajo-Keji wants to support communities in South Sudan to grow in the Christian faith and to improve their living conditions. Kajo-Keji Christian College (before: Canon Benaiah Poggo College) plays an important part in training people that can achieve these goals.

KCC strives to have an atmosphere of equality for all students. This means that no distinctions are made on the grounds of gender or tribe. When it comes to gender, most of the students at KCC are male. Female students encounter more obstacles when they try to come for studies, especially obstacles from culture and family. Within the college, though, all students are treated equally, whether male or female.

KCC has the vision to be a place in which the principle of being one tribe can be practiced. The college welcomes students from various dioceses and tribes in South Sudan, and during admission, no distinctions are made on the grounds of region or tribe. Within the college, there is an atmosphere of fellowship and acceptance of everyone. This spirit of inclusiveness is one of the main premises on which the college operates.

At this moment the College has a Diploma and Certificate programme in Theology (2 years), a training course for lay-readers in Bari and a Certificate course for in-service teachers. There are plans to start with a Certificate and Diploma programme in Community development in the future, as well as for Business Administration in the future.

Currently, the college is relocated to Moyo due to the current situation in Kajo-Keji. We are located at Onama Road in the former Raymond House.



Kajo-Keji Christian College is preparing new intakes for the following programmes:

  • Certificate in Primary Teacher Education (in-service) in August/September 2018
  • Certificate and Diploma in Business Administration (distant learning) in November 2018
  • Certificate and Diploma in Theology in August/September 2018

Kajo-Keji Christian College graduated 18 students on 11 May 2018. 7 from Teacher Education, 7 from Diploma in Theology, 3 with certificate in Theology, and 1 with Certificate of Ministry.

Do you wish to join Kajo-Keji Christian College? Please download the registration form here: Word document or PDF and apply. You can submit your application online to the Academic Dean’s office at


June 9th 2017 was the occasion of the 4th Graduation ceremony of Kajo Keji Christian College. Read more here.


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