• Research paper on The Obstacles And The Challenges Facing Child Evangelism In Kajo-Keji County by Mrs. Muja Betty Francis (2015; pdf)

• Article: Rev. Jacob Haasnoot,  A New Theological Landscape, Introducing recent African Theology, English translation of Dutch original published in Theological Journal Soteria, March 2014.

• 52 Bible Studies (in Bari language) (or in English) for groups in the Diocese of Kajo-Keji (2015).

• Download the PDF of the Bari Bible Concordance here, published by the College in 2014. Please read the copyright statement on page 2 of the document. A printed version of this concordance is for sale at the College in Kajo-Keji. ISBN: 978-9970-9356-0-4.

cover bari concordance






• Article: Rev. Jacob Haasnoot, ‘Thinking about Discipleship in Changing Contexts: Perceptions of Church Leaders of an Episcopal Diocese in South Sudan‘, Cairo Journal of Theology, volume 2, 2015, p. 121-131.

Research Paper on Early Marriage in Leikor Archdeaconry (Abridged) by Rev. Mikaya Loguli Lubajo Mogga (2014; pdf)

Results Questionnaire on Evangelism (Diocese of Kajo-Keji) 2012 (pdf)

Results Questionnaire on Church & Christian life (Diocese of Kajo-Keji) 2011 (pdf)

Intercultural Bible study 2010: Genesis 22 (pdf)

Anglican Prayer Book in Bari language (1953).