Southern Sudan was ravaged by the civil war from 1955 up to 2005. Because of this war education in general and the training of leadership in the church has been a big challenge. Since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005 and the independence in 2011 new opportunities have opened up.

CBPC Adjumani

The College when it was located in Adjumani, Uganda

The Diocese of Kajo-Keji initiated ‘Canon Benaiah Poggo College’ in 1993. The aim was to train church leaders for the Dioceses of the Sudan and other denominations in order to meet the tremendous growth of the Church in Sudan. In 1994 the college was displaced by the civil war to Northern Uganda. In January 2008 the College was relocated from Northern Uganda to Kajo-Keji in South Sudan. Since then, it has grown considerably, and has expanded the courses it offers to include education, business administration and IT. The college has a very good track record in training pastors and former students are now functioning in key roles in the South Sudan church.

However, in January 2017, due to fighting in Kajo-Keji, the college was forced to close. Thanks to the welcome offered by the Diocese of Mahdi West Nile, Uganda, and some impressive reorganization, both the Diocese and the College have been enabled to find new temporary accomodation in Moyo, North Uganda. The college restarted teaching in this new location at the beginning of March.

We are looking forward to returning back to Kajo-Keji. It is our prayer and hope that peace returns soon.

The current location of the college in Moyo, Uganda